God called His people out of Egypt to lead them into freedom.

During the first year, my family and I along with the KIAA Team walked through a spiritual desert. We had to learn how to trust God one step at a time. We lacked funds, food, and school fees for our children. Yet, Reaksmey and I did not give up. We pursued God’s ways while facing many problems. Jesus constantly sent His servants to comfort us and to take care of us. Now we know the hand of God is with us as Psalm 126:5-6 reminds us.

In 2016 my wife and I started praying for six months.

I heard God speak to me, saying, “Sophun, where is your faith in Me? Don’t you remember you promised to serve Me for the rest of your life through Khmer arts? Do you think I do not know about your burdens, your needs? And am I unable to feed you?” I felt awakened in my spirit, as I had promised to serve Him my whole life when years ago I worked for a Christian ministry.

And so understanding God’s calling, we went to work with a renewed imagination and with new energy.

My wife and I see how integrity and faith are important in our lives. Over the 20 years of our careers we’ve built a strong foundation and much experience in the world of arts.

As spiritual leaders, since 2016 we have been building a new ministry called the Khmer Inheritance Artists Association, with a vision of bringing Khmer traditional arts into the community.

Our ministry is registered with the Ministry of Interior of the Cambodian government.

Zephaniah 2:9​​ : “The remnant of my people will plunder them; the survivors of my nation will inherit their land.”

Several servants of God have encouraged us and shared their wisdom:

Pastor Bin David (New Jerusalem Church, Phnom Penh) told us : “Start from small to big.” i

Pastor Heng Cheng (President of the Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia) took the example of Moses who used a stick to lead God’s people out of slavery: “ Whatever you have in your hands”.

Pastor Ann Greve (International Christian Assembly): “Walk step by step and trust in Jesus”.

Pastor Mam Barnabas ( AFCI ) : “ Learn from the life of George Muller and of Billy Graham”.

Pastor Timothee Paton ( French missionary to Cambodia): “Just raise prayers and see God provide”.

Pastor Maurice W. Darr and Roslyn Darr “Godly Angle” praying to God miracle.

Pastor Joseph Kong and Kay Kong “Godly Angle”

Through the advice of our mentors we have therefore learnt to start out in small ways, one step at a time, trusting what God has placed in our hands, increase prayer and respond to the Great Commission of reaching lost souls through Khmer traditional arts and culture.

And then Jesus told them “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to everyone.” Mark Ch. 16 v 15